How to Secure your Home without Making it Look TOO Secured

Security systems are not the only things to get “sophisticated” at this era; even burglars nowadays—many of whom probably grew up or got accustomed to today’s “digital age”—have wizened up to the ins-and-outs of the common security measures that homeowners like you usually observe, whether you are inside or out of the house.

Regardless, one of the many rules that you should observe when you want to secure your home for real is to not be a creature of habit; specifically, you have to take a more proactive approach to secure your home rather than something that you can just go through the motions on daily basis.

Security Tricks

How can you do so, though? Well, here are some ideas we have that you can take advantage of right now. Rea below for more!

  • Change your door locks

Now, if there can be any factor that would increase your home’s chances of experiencing a break-in, then this can probably be it. While this can probably be a hassle to you and your family—and trust us when we say it will be—this is one of the surefire ways you can do to make sure that you can prevent your home from being broken in easily, and precisely because of the fact that it throws a loop to anyone who may have been monitoring your house without your knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are about to move into a new home, you should particularly observe changing the locks right as you arrive there, since you have no knowledge of who else is holding the house keys to your new home. Better to be safe than sorry, as we always say.

  • Make the effort to look like your house is ALWAYS occupied

This is one of the tried-and true home security tricks there is in the world, but it still is no less valid. Because really, only the most foolish of burglars would try to break inside a home even when they know that there’s some semblance of activity going on there.

Of course, that’s not to say this idea is foolproof; just like with all things, patterns can be easily discerned by people monitoring your home if, say, you turn the house lights on at certain times of the day. So, with that said, one of most of the safest ways to secure your home is to simply have an automated security system that you can activate remotely yourself. Many security systems actually offer this option for you by having it linked to your smartphone, so at least you can turn on your system when you feel like it.

  • Leaving your spare key on the most obvious places

And by “obvious”, we mean leaving it under doormats or on your mailbox. This is becoming a very clichéd security trick because it literally requires no effort on your part to know where you can hide it.

So, where are the obvious places where you can do so, though? Well, for one, hiding it inside potted plants, the doghouse, or just about anywhere where you know that burglars will have a hard time looking for it. Or maybe you just don’t leave a spare key for your home. Whichever way works!

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