Residential Solutions


The peace of mind that a secure home offers is invaluable. Without question, having a security system is an excellent deterrent to intrusion. Even though the loss of your valuables can be devastating, losing your peace of mind and sense of security in your home can take years, if ever, to recover.

  • Protected and Connected
  • Independent Living
  • Life & Safety

Our goal at Blackwater Security Systems is to provide you the lowest cost, home security system that will meet your budgetary needs, while providing the highest degree of peace of mind for you and your family.

Residential security systems are more reliable and affordable than ever. Our security consultants will customize a system that meets your specific needs and with terms that will fit within your budget.

Call us today and let us schedule a free consultation appointment for your home. In addition, we encourage you to contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier for discounts they may offer by owning a security system.

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